Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Time flies when you’re having fun! On Friday the 20th November 2020 Be Intelligent will have been operating for two years, and although it’s gone incredibly quickly we’re also proud of what we’ve achieved within that time frame.

Back in 2018 the vision for the company was to be a world-class Salesforce implementation partner, working towards becoming the number one technology solutions provider in New Zealand providing customer growth and retention with bold, innovative and measurable outcomes across both the technology and digital marketing spaces. Be Intelligent is all about delivering exceptional results for customers using outstanding problem solving, strategy and delivery.

While our vision hasn’t changed in the last two years our team certainly has. Our growing client base and customer needs has seen us expand from the original two employees to a diverse team of 21 of technical specialists and end user strategists.

We grabbed five minutes in between client meetings with founder and Managing Director Mikal Todd, Sales Director Amanda Nicholls and Marketing Director Kirsty Phillips to get their take on life at Be Intelligent over the last two years.

Mikal, as founder of the company, what was your goal in creating Be Intelligent?

Mikal: We want to be the number one technology solutions provider in New Zealand providing customer growth and retention with bold, innovative and measurable outcomes across both the technology and digital marketing spaces.

What do you love most about your job?

Amanda: That no two days are ever the same. There is so much going on all of the time that you are always doing something different and always learning about something new.

Kirsty: The people! Such a talented, passionate and capable team, learning so much from working with everyone. Also love our clients, the variety working across different businesses provides and the feeling of being able to help solve their problems and being a part of delivering solutions that drive growth.

Be Intelligent has grown from two to 20 employees in two years so clearly there is significant demand from customers - what in your opinion is driving this increase in demand?

Amanda: I think that it’s become increasingly important for companies to be able to create efficiencies within their sales and marketing functions. The need to be able to track sales pipelines for accountability, marketing dollars and ROI. Data is a powerful tool and I think more and more businesses are becoming aware of the gaps they have in their ability to capture customer data and how they could use this to their benefit.

Kirsty: In terms of the marketing side, I think a bit of a shift in the market towards companies needing to make their marketing dollars work harder and needing more visibility on ROI and what is working and what isn’t. Plus I think we are at a stage where most organisations now have huge amounts of customer data and are realising that they aren’t always fully utilising the potential of this. And I think from a customer perspective, expectations of customer service levels are ever increasing and companies need to keep up. The technology we provide helps address all of this.

How would you describe your work day in five words or less?

Mikal: Engaging, challenging, focused and innovative

Amanda: Insightful, exciting, fast-paced

Kirsty: Varied, engaging, exciting, satisfying

Can you tell us about your most rewarding project with the company so far?

Amanda: Although it’s not a project I worked on from start to finish, Lightforce has been a satisfying client to work with. Helping to solve their issues and account managing a client that needed more of a hands on approach has been a great experience.

Kirsty: Blue Sky Finance - being able to start to make a difference in terms of streamlining their processes and building a solid foundation for future growth has been really rewarding.

What about some of your biggest challenges?

Amanda: Learning about the industry in general. Being an end user of the Salesforce platform I understand the benefit - but learning about how to sell the VP and what is possible with all the Salesforce services has been a real challenge for me. It’s been like learning a new language.

Kirsty: Learning Datorama! New skill, niggly training but very satisfying and now loving being able to put the learning into practice.

What do you look for in a team member?

Amanda: Attitude is key. Someone who is positive and ready for a challenge and is ready and willing to roll their sleeves up and muck in when they are needed. A sense of humour is also essential!

Kirsty: 100% attitude which needs to be: positive, solution focused, driven, passionate, results oriented and a great team player, everything else can be taught!

If you had one piece of advice for anyone starting out in the industry what would it be?

Amanda: Be ready to get involved in absolutely anything and everything.

Kirsty: Don’t be afraid of the learning curve! The training materials are excellent and the platforms are for the most part pretty intuitive, but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture in terms of WHY you are delivering what you are delivering!

How will you be celebrating Be Intelligent’s 2nd birthday this week?

Amanda: Some treats and a drink with the BI Auckland team!

Kirsty: A cocktail on the terrace with the Christchurch Team.

Find out more about Be Intelligent’s services including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, Marketing Automation Insights, and managed services.

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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Be Intelligent’s Marketing Insights and Automation consultant, Cara Au Yeung, has recently attained the newly introduced Salesforce Datorama Associate Accreditation. Below she shares her thoughts and tips on how to prepare for this challenging accreditation.

Get familiar with the basics of digital marketing

Datorama has the ability to ingest many types of data, from paid digital media, social media and website data through to CRM, offline and custom data. Having good background knowledge about digital marketing can be hugely beneficial when it comes to learning how data can be ingested, manipulated and analysed in Datorama. Familiarity with the basic components of paid digital media - such as the structure of digital campaigns, the different types of dimensions and metrics, relationships between entities, and campaign tracking methods - will be useful to help you develop a solid understanding of more complex and challenging concepts.

Datorama data models are the fundamentals

Datorama uses a set of recognised data models to help ingest data into the system. The data models are fundamental to the system as they provide structure for organising data. Developing a good grasp of the Datorama data models will allow you to more easily understand how different data types can be connected, which you can then use as leverage for creating and implementing solutions for more complex use cases.

Identify the right approach for the right use case

Finding a solution for a use case can be easy in Datorama due to the wide range of useful features available on the platform. You may also find that a use case can often be addressed by multiple methods. However, being able to simply identify and implement a solution is not sufficient. It is important that you are able to identify a method that is efficient and effective for the specific use case - in other words, a solution that is scalable, performs well and easy to maintain. To help you prepare for the Datorama Associate Accreditation, take extra note of the pros and cons of the different methods for ingesting and harmonising data. Additionally, understand how certain combinations of methods could be combined together to create a more robust solution than others.

Keep a good eye for detail

It can be overwhelming when working with multiple data sources and navigating through the different features in the Datorama platform. This can make it easy to overlook elements and settings when ingesting and harmonising the data, which can have a significant impact on the final output and result. Overcome this by keeping a good eye for detail and getting familiar with the various settings in the platform. Breakdown your tasks into small steps and double check your work at each stage to avoid wasting time and effort by backtracking to identify the issue at a later stage.

Review, practice and repeat

The Salesforce Datorama team has created a library of comprehensive material to help you learn and prepare for the Datorama Associate Accreditation. Review the resources in the online Datorama University Course thoroughly and get as much practice as you can in Datorama by doing the practical exercises. Spend extra time on topics that you may be unfamiliar with or rarely come across. Review, practice and repeat until you feel comfortable with the theory and confident in implementing the solutions in Datorama.

About the Salesforce Datorama Associate Accreditation

The Salesforce Datorama Associate Accreditation is designed for individuals who have technical implementation experience with the Datorama platform. The accreditation is attained by sitting a proctored exam. More information about the accreditation and exam guidelines can be found on the Salesforce Trailhead website.

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