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Experienced across the broad range of Salesforce products including integration with platforms like SAP and ServiceNOW.

Salesforce Clouds

Salesforce CPQ

Both B2B and B2C businesses are transforming to adopt innovative revenue models, often based on recurring revenue, subscriptions or usage-based approaches.


Are you just beginning your digital product journey or already underway? Our team of experts can guide you to deliver a simple yet effective product configuration strategy. 


Salesforce CPQ is a cost effective add-on for Salesforce CRM and can help:


Create scalable sales processes by empowering Sales advisors to configure, price, and quote multiple product types such as one-time, subscription, or usage-based contracts on one platform.

Build recurring customer relationships by managing the complexities caused by renewals and contract amendments, such as upgrades or swaps making it easier to respond to changes in customer needs.

Make better business decisions by unifying sales and financial data on one platform — unlocking visibility into discounting trends, product performance, and other key sales or financial metrics.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

In today's highly competitive and fast paced environment your customers demand fast turnaround, personalised engagement, whilst your CEO is setting higher growth targets.


Our team is unique in that it includes sales people (not just technologists) who understand B2B and B2C sales inside-out and will work hand-in hand with your team to streamline your process inside Salesforce.


Our hands-on sales people can provide your teams with real-world guidance on digital transformation

Sales Cloud gives your team more time to sell, greater visibility and brilliant collaboration


Deep telephony integration through our experience with Dialpad, NewVoiceMedia, Amazon Voice and 8x8

Marketing Cloud

Everyone wants engaged customers who are invested in their brand, as those customers are proven time and time again to be the most valuable.

This investment starts as soon as the customer engages with your brand, be it via an online enquiry, phone call or attendance at an event. Every interaction you have (or don’t) have with the customer paints a picture of a brand that cares or doesn’t.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful, rich, cross channel communications platform with an intuitive web-interface and broad capabilities which can help:


Customer Onboarding

Lead Nurturing 

Engage and retain

Our team will work to identify your customer engagement goals and then execute a plan to deliver success. In conjunction with our Intelligent 360 approach we’ll help you centralise and identify relevant customer data points to segment and engage with a single view of the customer.