Customer 360

Impressing customers has never been so challenging. Each day consumers have a growing number of choices available at their fingertips and are expecting more from the brands who want their business. 

Businesses are being challenged to know their customers better and anticipate their needs. In order to rise to the occasion, a truly connected customer experience is more important than ever. 


*Note: The name Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform is used to refer to Customer 360 in some markets.

Be connected

With Customer 360, create a single, shared view of each and every customer, empowering employees to work together to achieve new levels of exceptional customer service and engagement. 

Customer 360 is more than just a CRM, it connects the full suite of Salesforce products and external systems to create one touchpoint, for multiple teams. A shared view of the customer enables marketing, sales, service, commerce, analytics and IT to work together in one connected system. 

At Be Intelligent we are seasoned experts across implementation of all major Salesforce products and how these products can work together to build a unified and shared view of each customer. 

Meet your 360 degree customer

Create a unified customer profile across all touchpoints by connecting identities, engagement data, customer orders, loyalty, marketing journeys and privacy management.

Single source of truth

Capture and unify data from anywhere, then test and optimise customer segments as you go, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to support you.

Optimise with AI

Build highly targeted customer audience segments with customer strings of contact or event level data from marketing, commerce, sales or service all managed from one central user friendly interface

Targeted audience segments

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