Data Migration

Be secure 

When data is one of your most valuable resources and a seamless migration is critical to a successful project, you need serious expertise.

Data migration is a significant undertaking for any business and can be challenging, not to mention risky. You want to be assured that your data is not going to be compromised and will be managed in a way that creates a solid foundation for you to get the very best from your platform investment. 

We have extensive experience in delivering successful migrations and follow a comprehensive methodology, including data modelling, data cleansing, mock migration and quality assurance testing.

Our team has the necessary skills and methodology required to manage the data migration process from your existing vendor to Salesforce. We work closely with your business and technical stakeholders to develop a clear strategy and implementation plan that meets your individual business needs.

Data migration expertise

We have vast experience migrating data from a range of major vendors into Salesforce, ensuring your platform is set up for success from the outset. 


Experience where it counts

Our team will always prioritise security in the data migration process. We adhere completely to legal requirements and data privacy standards while ensuring the transition is as seamless and flexible as possible. 


Security focused

We follow a proven and comprehensive methodology to ensure the best possible result including data modelling, data cleansing, mock migration and quality assurance testing. 


Proven methodology

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