Marketing Cloud Intelligence

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Marketing is a multi-channel activity which typically means wrangling a deluge of reports, spreadsheets, tools and data sources to get a clear picture of what is and isn't working. And now, more than ever, marketers are being tasked with demonstrable ROI for every activity as businesses look to optimise the efficiency of their marketing spend.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence is a Salesforce product that brings all paid, owned and earned marketing data together into a single, centralised and customised view across all channels and campaigns - no further wrangling required.

*Note: The name Datorama is used to refer to Marketing Cloud Intelligence in some markets.

At a glance, businesses are able to measure their marketing performance across all digital and offline advertising, social media channels, content marketing, email, website analytics and any other part of the marketing mix they are active in.

This enables businesses to act in the moment; optimising performance to improve ROI, achieving greater impact in the market and ultimately driving growth. 

Our resident Marketing Cloud Intelligence expert was the very first in the world to pass the recently updated Marketing Cloud Intelligence Associate exam, so you can be assured that we are genuine experts when it comes to creating a fully customised data dashboard that will transform the way you optimise your marketing efforts. 

Data driven insights in one convenient dashboard

Spend less time extracting data from multiple sources and more time utilising it to make informed decisions. Measure, manage and optimise marketing campaigns using highly visible data from one convenient dashboard. 

Measure, manage and optimise campaigns

Receive alerts based on campaign goals to make real time adjustments for optimal performance where it counts - throughout your campaign rather than once it's finished. 

Alerts for real time adjustments

Created with marketers in mind; easily build the right dashboards for each stakeholder for more effective collaboration. Consolidate performance metrics across multiple social accounts and media channels and track the performance of your marketing automation journeys. 

Consolidate peformance metrics

Implementation packages

For organisations and marketing teams looking for consolidated social media reporting to drive effectiveness.


  • Up to 5 social data sources 

  • Up to 2 accounts per data source

  • Up to 3 harmonisation fields or custom KPIs

  • SmartLense dashboards

  • 1 x custom consolidated social media dashboard view

  • Social Intelligence app installation and setup for monitoring and insights on social competitor performance


Social Kickstarter
Digital Marketer

For organisations and marketing teams looking for comprehensive oversight of multi-channel campaigns.


  • Any type of data sources from commonly used digital marketing platforms:

  • Earned/Organic Social

  • Paid Social

  • Paid Digital Media

  • Web Analytics


  • Up to 6 harmonisation fields or custom KPIs

  • SmartLense dashboards

  • 2 x custom dashboards


For organisations and marketing teams looking for detailed attribution & single customer view.


  • Unlimited data sources:

  • Earned/Organic Social

  • Paid Social

  • Paid Digital Media

  • Web Analytics

  • eDM

  • CRM

  • Business data

  • Unlimited harmonisation fields and custom KPIs

  • SmartLense dashboards

  • Up to 5 custom dashboards



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