Experience Design

Be focused

Before embarking on a significant technology investment, it’s imperative to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve and the experience you are trying to deliver. 

Experience design enables us to think through the people, process and business side of technology. Designing the experience before we design the solution ensures we can create a solution that will meet your long term needs. 

We focus on the human and business side of technology, working with your key stakeholders to understand the relevant business issues and to gain clarity on wider goals so that when we get to solution design we know exactly who we are building the solution for, how it needs to perform and how it aligns to your business objectives. 

The typical deliverables of this process include a business landscape summary, key insights and ideas and a future state experience blueprint, these are then aligned with the future state architecture and high level solution design.

Benefits of experience design

The more we know about where you want to go and what you’re trying to achieve and the more clarity we have, the better the outcome. Many of our clients will tell you that the time spent up front is what makes a difference to their implementation.


Reduce risk

When we don’t know what’s coming later, we can only solve what’s in front of us. We may architect something differently if you tell us in advance it’s on the cards. The more we know, the more future proofing we can add into our solution for you.


Future-proofed build

Having a comprehensive understanding of your businesses long term goals and what these look like ensures that our team can provide you with the best possible recommendations and solution. 


Accurate recommendations

A successful experience design engagement will result in your stakeholders understanding the strategic value of the platform from the very beginning of the engagement, ensuring better user adoption of the technology later on down the track. 


Stakeholder buy in

Ready to get started?

Ready to start your digital transformation journey? Our Experience Design packages start from NZD $33,300*.

*Indicative baseline pricing only, please view rates and packages for more detailed pricing information.