Be diverse

We have extensive Salesforce implementation experience working with diverse project teams across different industries.

Who we've worked with

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Our team has delivered digital transformation across both the electricity and gas industry from both consumer and business facing aspects.


We have integrated Salesforce with gas and electricity registries, energy retailers, lines companies and many more.

We believe in sustainability which is why we provide each team member $5000 towards an EV or solar project

Financial Services

Our team has architected core banking systems, built wealth management products and delivered marketing automation for both prestigious organisation and startups.


We've got a deep experience of insurance, including our founder having worked with Lloyds on reinsurance platforms through to building actuarial information systems. 

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Online engagement and shopping present many opportunities to gather information on customers but many organisations are unaware of how that information can be used to grow.

With E-commerce revenue forecast to grow by 50% between 2020 and 2023, data-driven targeting will help you get a slice of that pie for the least investment. Through the use of Datorama, Audience Studio and Marketing Cloud we will help grow your revenue by 50% also.


The methods by which we communicate with each other has drastically changed over recent times. We understand that communicating with your customers has changed and become a more connected experience.


We prioritise our 'Be Smart' value, to identify and implement more intelligent ways to interact with customers. Whether that's through digital engagement, targeted audiences or utilising chat bots with case deflection, as examples

By working with Be Intelligent there are many different way to improve communications and interactions with customers and as a business, save costs and create efficiencies.  

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Be Intelligent has provided dealer management Salesforce Communities to global automotive brands, integrated with many legacy automotive platforms and driven personalised customer acquisition and nurturing strategies through Marketing Cloud. 

We thoroughly understand the challenges facing the automotive industry, the demands of the modern consumer and the opportunity to disrupt. 


The movement and organisation of goods and services fulfilment brings with it all of the challenges of dealing with a distributed workforce.

From quoting to route optimisation, job scheduling, bill-of-laden management, and customer communication we will help you navigate-through the jargon, inefficiencies and find the growth opportunities. 

Be Streamlined.

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We've got experience in the classification of medical conditions using the ICD system, relationships between conditions, medical screening, record access and have brought this all together in a variety of ways to solve clinical challenges. 

Whether you are screening for insurance purposes or providing digital diagnosis our team will ensure patient confidentiality is paramount.


Digitisation of learning removes the challenges of access and brings the focus to usability, language, meaning and measurement. 

We have successfully built education platforms across the spectrum, from childhood education to university, business education and beyond


We've  worked with platforms like SAP Litmos, Salesforce Trailhead and many others.

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