Managed Services

Be adaptable

More than ever before, businesses are facing change. Changes in customer demand, changes to how their business operates and changes to the technology they use. Without the ability to rapidly evolve in-line with this pace of change businesses are at risk of being left behind.


The Salesforce landscape is constantly evolving, and with an ever-growing list of features available in the platform, this requires an experienced team that can evolve the solution to keep up with your business strategy and enable true digital agility.

A Managed Service will allow your business ongoing access to our team of experienced Salesforce and Marketing Cloud consultants, strategists, and developers, enabling you to innovate at speed.

We value partnerships over business transactions and will act as your true partners for change within your business, optimising your Salesforce instance and bringing your digital strategy to life. 

Our Managed Service team are experts at partnering with your business to run a tailored mix of services that will allow us to improve your Salesforce org and fully align it with your business and strategic goals.

Maximise the ROI on your Salesforce investment


As your true partners for change, our team will provide strategic oversight, and translate your organisation's strategy into a technical roadmap that brings your digital strategy to life. 

With Salesforce technical experts, tenured strategic marketers and seasoned business leaders at our table, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience.  

Strategic Support 


We'll up-skill your existing team with training, resources and materials to accelerate their end-user experience. Plus be on hand as your contingency cover - from new hires to sick days and employee churn, trust us to be there through it all helping you to bridge the gap when you need it most. 

Up-Skill Your Team


Salesforce Optimisation

​Salesforce is a powerful tool when customised to your individual business needs, however those needs are constantly evolving, and in order to get the most out of your Salesforce investment, it's important to ensure that your instance is aligned with the changing needs of your business. 

Whether your instance is a recent implementation, or it's well embedded within the organisation, we work with you to optimise the seamless integration of the platform across your business, ensuring the best possible result for end users so your teams can tap into the full power of Salesforce. 


Updates & Enhancements

Chances are your Salesforce instance isn’t running seamlessly by itself, we will work with you to roll out updates to your org and make sure all your integrations stay online.

​When you don't have the internal resource available maintain your Salesforce CRM or Marketing Cloud solutions, we can step in as an extension of your team. We can be on hand to implement updates, identify opportunities for improvement, conduct AB Tests and generally deliver whatever is needed to get the best from your platform. 

Ready to get started?

Ready to start your digital transformation journey? Our Managed Service packages for

12+ months start from NZD $6,000 per month*.

*Indicative baseline pricing only, please view rates and packages for more detailed pricing information.