Marketing Cloud

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Marketing is more measurable than ever before, and it's also arguably more challenging. Methods of media consumption, available marketing channels and the way consumers engage with brands are constantly evolving. At the same time, businesses expect to get the best possible value from their marketing dollar, making it critical to optimise each and every campaign for genuine results and strong ROI.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful cross channel communications platform with an intuitive web-interface and broad capabilities to deliver highly targeted campaigns for exceptional customer engagement. 

Our certified and experienced team offers strategic marketing support, implementation expertise and digital marketing capability to ensure you get the most out of this comprehensive platform.

Supercharge your marketing efforts

Reduce churn and improve retention with highly personalised, engaging customer journeys throughout the duration of the customer lifecycle. 

Engaging customer journeys

Optimise marketing campaigns using A/B and multivariate tests for actionable, real time insights that genuinely improve marketing ROI. 

Optimised campaigns

Supercharge your social media channels with Social Studio - the all in one social media marketing and management suite that enables you to listen, engage and publish from the one powerful platform. 

Social studio

Created with marketers in mind; easily build the right dashboards for each stakeholder for more effective collaboration. Consolidate performance metrics across multiple social accounts and media channels and track the performance of your marketing automation journeys. 


Leverage data driven insights such as segmentation to convert more prospects into customers using automated lead nurturing and dynamic content. 

Data-driven insights

Use Advertising Studio to tap into the power of your data, driving more targeted, engaging and effective advertising across search, display and social media. 

Advertising studio

Einstein Analytics minimises the guesswork and maximises the engagement thanks to AI-powered behavioural data that helps shape your content, timing and personalisation for optimal communication delivery. 

Einstein analytics

Leverage in-depth behavioural analytics and existing data sources  to deliver truly personalised interactions with customers via their preferred devices. 

Interaction studio

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Ready to start your digital transformation journey? Our Marketing Cloud implementation packages start from NZD $31,500*

*Indicative baseline pricing only, please view rates and packages for more detailed pricing information.