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Be Engaging: Introducing Interaction Studio

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Our latest accreditation puts Be Intelligent at the forefront of Marketing Cloud delivery in New Zealand.

We’re thrilled to have been awarded official accreditation as a Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio implementation partner.

What is Interaction Studio and why do businesses need it?

Interaction Studio was launched in 2018 as an innovative Marketing Cloud feature that allows organisations to engage with customers in real time throughout each stage of their journey, resulting in significantly improved customer relationships through more personal, timely and relevant interactions.

So how does it work?

At a top line level, Interaction Studio listens to how customers are interacting with your brand across all your different channels. It then interprets data to understand each individual and acts on those insights to deliver a more engaging and effective customer interaction.

And the benefits?

There are plenty - and they’re all centred around delivering personalised interactions with your customer, guiding them along the most relevant path to your product or service, and eliminating multiple pain points along the way.

Real time personalisation allows marketers to deliver the optimal experience, targeted messaging, relevant recommendations or the most relevant offers to individual customers or prospects at scale and at the right moment.

Examples of this in practice include being able to fully customise content on your website based on what the customer viewed last time; let’s say on their last visit to your retail site they looked at handbags, so on their next visit they are shown content relevant to the handbag range. You can also email the customer a discount code for the product they were most recently looking for. And, if they come back to look at a different product range on site after the email has been sent, no problem - the dynamic content of the EDM will instantly update to their most recent view no matter when it occurs.

Gone are the days of siloed data and disjointed customer experiences. Interaction Studio informs your service teams of exactly what someone was looking at on your website the moment before they called, so instead of the customer having to repeat their query through various stages of the customer support conversation, they can be welcomed with help specific to the product they were looking for.

What did the training involve?

In order to become a certified partner, three of our team needed to undertake a two-week training block covering the ins and outs of Interaction Studio from both a development and solutions architecture point of view.

Baneen, our Marketing Automation Lead, enjoyed the training and is looking forward to sharing Interaction Studio with our clients; “The training was pretty comprehensive and involved us building an end to end solution using Interaction Studio for a fictitious client. It’s a really exciting addition to Marketing Cloud and nicely complements other platforms like Journey Builder, delivering improved customer data, and therefore experience, through machine learning. There’s some great benefits for clients - and not just in the ecommerce sector but across all industries.”

One of the features Baneen likes is the fact that once Interaction Studio is implemented it is totally configurable by marketers - no further development work is required to run campaigns going forward.

Our team is excited to now have the capability and accreditation to implement Interaction Studio and we can’t wait to use it to help our clients achieve their business goals in 2021. Get in touch to find out more.

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