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Dreamforce Decisions Made Easy: 16 of the Best from Our Team to Yours

Let us help take the guess work out of your Dreamforce 2020 agenda with these 16 must-see sessions hand-picked by our team.

Dreamforce 2020 may not look like your typical Dreamforce event, but we’re super excited about attending nonetheless.

A four day extravaganza of knowledge-sharing, this year’s virtual event promises to be just as insightful, innovative and rewarding as previous years, and because it’s virtual that means our whole team can attend the sessions they’re most interested in - bonus!

But which sessions to attend? With hundreds of options across the four days it can be a little overwhelming making a selection. Salesforce has put together a nifty agenda builder which helps in filtering by role, industry, theme and more. This is a great tool for narrowing the scope a little, but if you’re like us and suffer from extensive FOMO, then it’s always helpful to get a personal recommendation from some experienced industry members in similar roles.

Our team has curated their top session picks below based on a cross-section of the three areas that are key to us in marketing and sales, technical / development and functional / development.

With the time zone differences in play, Asia-Pacific gets the added bonus of two scheduled options per day for most sessions. We’ve chosen the sessions that fit into our schedule but if you’re looking for an alternative time be sure to check out the full sessions page for other options.


Our Marketing Automation Lead, Baneen, has selected these marketing sessions and is looking forward to getting a glimpse of what’s new in the world of Marketing Cloud for 2021:

Marketing Cloud Innovation and Releases: https://trailblazer.salesforce.com/sessions?eventId=a1Q4V00002DWxkY#/session/a2q4V0000032OhhQAE

How Measurement Innovation Drives Marketing Agility:


Create Holistic Email Programs to Enhance Engagement:


How to Practice Inclusive Marketing and Be an Ally:



For our Sales Director Amanda, this will be a fairly unique first time at Dreamforce. Amanda has chosen these sessions to get some valuable insight on optimising growth through high quality leads and leading high-performance sales teams:

How to Deliver Hot Leads Amidst Distraction:


New Ways to Run a Best-in-Class Virtual Sales Team:



A Dreamforce veteran, Pablo, our Lead Technical Consultant always enjoys a deep dive into the latest and greatest tools, processes and thought leadership:

Building Ethically: How to Translate Social Responsibility into Code:


What’s New with Lightning Web Components:


Future of API's at Salesforce:


Everything New in Salesforce Developer Tools:


Customer Experience

Being passionate about customer-centric solutions, our Managing Consultants Chris and Brooke will be exploring a cross-section of industry insights and product solution themes:

Financial Services: From Stabilize to Grow:


Salesforce Platform: Innovation Roadmap:


How to Move to a Subscription Business Model:


Top 5 Innovations with Experience Cloud:


Salesforce's Service Transformation:


Getting to Know Delete Flow Trigger:


Hope this has helped your Dreamforce 2020 selection process. Here’s to new-found knowledge and exciting new Salesforce developments for 2021!

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