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Lifting the Lid on Robotic Process Automation

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

How the team at Be Intelligent used RPA in creative solution design.

As a Salesforce Partner who’s never one to shy away from a gnarly problem, when innovative realtor Tall Poppy Real Estate needed to overcome an integration issue due to the lack of existing API, we used our creative problem solving skills to develop an innovative solution using RPA (robotic process automation).

For the uninitiated (and long-winded technical explanations aside), RPA is basically a software robot that mimics human actions. This is not to be confused with AI which sits at the other end of the Intelligent Automation scale and is concerned with the simulation of human intelligence. RPA is process driven while AI is data driven, making RPA ideal for automating the ‘grunt work’ of repetitive digital tasks.

The problem:

The team at Tall Poppy were looking to effectively utilise the Salesforce Platform to integrate and manage their customer data across an external platform that is then used by multiple stakeholders across the organisation.

Because the external platform they were using had no existing API, Tall Poppy’s service team was having to copy and paste all customer data from one platform to the other manually. Not only a time-consuming process, but one fraught with the potential for errors. Enter the Be Intelligent team with a proprietary software solution.

Our solution:

Up against the ever-present challenge of a tight time frame and a few unknown parameters, the team knew they had to act efficiently to deliver an effective result for our client at a crucial time of year. When RPA was suggested in our solution design meeting it would be fair to say there were some mixed reactions.

Lead Technical Consultant Pablo Martinez said “Although some of the team had worked with this type of technology before many of us hadn’t, so the challenge was going to be getting a really good understanding of the technology, what it means, how it works, any limitations and also learning the UiPath tool from scratch. All this in a short time frame in order to meet our promise of delivery.”

However thinking outside the box (and taking on a jolly good challenge) is our thing, so the team got cracking.

Using UiPath and leveraging our existing knowledge of XPath, REST Services and HTML, the team worked on building a proof of concept (overcoming a few technical curve-balls along the way), validated it through testing then presented the solution to the client.

The result:

We’re happy to say that we’ve managed to deliver the goods; UAT has been completed and the RPA has been effectively deployed. With minimal input required from end users at Tall Poppy, the RPA efficiently copies and pastes multiple fields from Salesforce into the external platform. This leaves the client’s service team available to concentrate on the important stuff like looking after their valued customers.

We're thrilled to have found a solid solution to improve Tall Poppy’s business processes and to have added RPA experience to our tool kit at the same time. And who wouldn’t appreciate a bot managing your most tedious tasks? Next job is to develop one that will stand in line at the mall for Christmas gift wrapping….

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