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Reaching for the Sky with Service Cloud

Huge congratulations to Sky on the exciting launch of their brand new broadband service and online ordering system.

The team at Be Intelligent were thrilled to leverage their extensive telecommunications experience to provide onboarding, back office and customer care capabilities for Sky's new broadband product; providing a streamlined process and seamless experience for both new and existing customers.

Using Salesforce Service Cloud to create an effective system for ordering, provisioning, service, support and case management, the Be Intelligent team worked closely with a core project team at Sky to deliver this solution. Integration was developed by Be Intelligent to utilise the scalable Salesforce Platform Events framework, integrated via AWS middleware to a mainframe system.

Given Sky’s significant customer base, the team knew that one of the key challenges would be data integration; ensuring a smooth migration from Sky's existing systems into the Salesforce CRM. Using Talend to tackle this, the team was able to navigate the required data migration and transformation resulting in a quality data delivery.

In addition to Salesforce Service Cloud, Be Intelligent also implemented Marketing Cloud for Sky, to drive the ongoing success of the new broadband product by leveraging customer data across multiple customer journeys to attract, serve and retain valued customers.

8 weeks on from initial go live, both teams are happy to report a smooth deployment and a successful overall implementation with both end users and customers actively engaged and utilising the new system.

A big thanks to the team at Sky for inviting Be Intelligent to become an extension of their team for the duration of this project and for the support provided by the highly effective project team within Sky.

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