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Staying ahead of the curve with a managed service

If there is one thing we have learnt to cope with over the past three years it's CHANGE. Maybe “cope with” isn’t true for all of us, but we’ve certainly had to live with change all around us, in our personal lives and in how we do business. While there have been severely negative impacts due to the changes that have come to fruition since early 2020, this period has also opened up possibilities and opportunities for innovation.

If you can get comfortable with change and learn to embrace it, rather than fear it, you’re off on the right foot. However, for businesses (and individuals) this is easier said than done. If you’re a business that’s invested in Salesforce, you’ll more than likely be dealing with changes in your operating environment, changes to your customer demand and how they wish to interact with you AND changes within the constantly evolving Salesforce landscape. That’s a lot of change!

If you’re looking to keep up with this rapid pace of change and ensure you get maximum ROI on your Salesforce investment, then a managed service could be a great fit for your business. Before we delve further into the “why”, let's take a closer look at the digital first landscape we find ourselves in today.

2022 is the year of Customer Experience

According to Forbes, 2022 will be ‘the year of Customer Experience’ with digital channels being more prominent now than ever before as a result of COVID compressing years of digital transformation into a few months.

Customers are now spoiled for choice when it comes to products and services and will flock to businesses that are capable of delivering better digital experiences. Forbes goes on to say that digital channels will remain red-hot in 2022 which means that first movers and innovators will continue to grow their market share while their competition struggles to keep up.

What can we learn from the ‘Digital Vanguards’?

The ability to respond rapidly to opportunities and disruption in a rapidly changing business landscape is now an imperative to success. Research conducted by Deloitte has identified a few select spending habits for digitally advanced organisations that they have dubbed ‘Digital Vanguards’ (those who embrace digital and emerging trends). These businesses have truly learnt to embrace rapid change compared to their peers, by;

  • Shifting more budget towards innovation

  • Spending twice as much of their budget on technology

  • Practising better technology governance

  • Using metrics more effectively and more consistently

The leaders of these organisations have also viewed their technology spending as an investment as opposed to a traditional mindset of having a regular IT budget. This is an important re-frame in which we encourage our clients to take on-board, instead of looking at your technology stack and service required to maintain it as an increasing cost to your business, think of it as an investment, or strategic spending that will increase revenue and growth.

Sonos’ rapid shift to creating connected customer experiences during the pandemic is a great example of a digital vanguard in action. The company implemented Salesforce and transformed their legacy distribution model to a B2C model after brick and mortar retail stores closed across the country. The result? An 84% YOY growth in their e-commerce revenue stream.

Where a managed service fits in

An increased push to digital means businesses are spending more on digital assets than ever before. However if this spend is not met with an ongoing investment strategy to continue to evolve their digital assets, they risk letting their once high performing teams and products stall as their competition evolves around them.

Looking at Salesforce specifically we can start to see that the platform is growing at a rate that most modern businesses can hardly keep up with. There are three large releases a year, each packed with hundreds of new features and pages upon pages of detailed release notes.

So how do you continue to innovate rapidly in a world with global talent shortages and an ever growing demand for tech talent? Managed services could be the answer you’re looking for.

A managed service by definition is designed to manage the daily operations of a specialised application or software (in this case, Salesforce), which enables your business access to industry experts at a cheaper rate than it would cost to acquire this talent in-house. Due to the expertise and resource a managed service provider has access to, they can create efficiencies, flexibility and scale that a business would struggle to create on their own.

A managed service relationship with Be Intelligent

Throw any notion of a traditional managed service out of the window, at Be Intelligent we are obsessed with our customers and can guarantee that we will build a flexible and value focused partnership. We value partnerships over business transactions and will act as your true partners for change within your business, optimising your Salesforce instance and bringing your digital strategy to life. Coupled with arguably some of the best talent in-region, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Working as an extension of your existing team, we’ll be here to ensure your Salesforce org is an enabler of organisational agility and not a handbrake. Ready to get started? Check out our baseline pricing or reach out to our team and say hello.

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