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Streamlining reporting for disruptive consumer product manufacturer ZURU

Learn how Be Intelligent helped award winning innovative toy and consumer product manufacturer ZURU overcome their marketing data reporting challenges with Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

The company

ZURU is one of the fastest growing companies around the world and is well-known for their disruptive, agile and innovative manufacturing techniques in the toys and consumer goods industry. The company was first established in New Zealand and is now headquartered in Hong Kong, with over 5,000 team members, operations across 30 countries and distributing to major retailers in over 120 countries.

The challenge

ZURU utilises a range of marketing channels to reach their target audience, build awareness and generate sales. Their marketing activities span across most offline and online touch points including Paid Social, SEM, Digital Display, Video, Influencer, Online Retail Vendor, VOD, TV and PR.

With more than 30 brands (and growing), ZURU structures their ad accounts to be brand-specific to facilitate campaign management by the respective marketing teams. However, this has created challenges when reporting on campaign performance as data is siloed in separate ad accounts across each channel.

ZURU relied heavily on manually compiling spreadsheets and wrangling with data to generate campaign reports. The spreadsheets were often difficult to digest and hard to analyse. There was also no consistent, centralised format of reporting as different marketing teams were managing campaigns for different brands, under different ad accounts.

The solution

Utilising Marketing Cloud Intelligence, a set of nine interactive dashboards were built for each of ZURU’s top brands.

Key features include:

  • Cross-channel dashboards to provide a high-level overview of campaign performance, as well as channel-specific dashboards to provide greater granularity and insights on a channel’s performance.

  • Data sources unified on dimensions that were most important to ZURU: Brand, Market, Range/Product and Campaign Objective. The harmonised dimensions were translated into filters on the dashboards, providing ZURU’s marketing team the ability to deep dive and explore the data and generate actionable insights for campaign optimisation.

  • A comprehensive solution design and framework was also built to scale with ZURU’s needs. The aim was to allow ZURU to easily extend their Marketing Cloud Intelligence setup enabling them to simply create dashboards for additional brands. Key highlights include:

  • Data stream templates with pre-configured custom data mapping were created, which can be used for ingesting data into Marketing Cloud Intelligence from new data sources easily and quickly.

  • Classification files implemented for creating harmonised dimensions which allows for easy updating of new harmonised dimension values, such as new Brands and Range/Product names.

The results

With a unified view of KPIs across all marketing channels in one reporting platform, Marketing Cloud Intelligence equipped the ZURU team with an easy-to-use, efficient and scalable reporting solution that enabled:

A consistent reporting format for all brands and marketing teams, allowing for easy performance analysis and insights.

Increased speed-to-insight due to a reduction in time required to extract and compile data for reports.

Greater flexibility to explore campaign performance across multiple key dimensions (Brand, Market, Range/Product and Campaign Objective) and generate actionable insights for campaign optimisation in real-time.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence is a Salesforce product that brings all paid, owned and earned marketing data together into a single, centralised and customised view across all channels and campaigns. This enables businesses to act in the moment; optimising performance to improve ROI, achieving greater impact in the market and ultimately driving growth.

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