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Make it simple for your customers and sales team to interact with complex product configurations, bundles or subscriptions to accelerate sales.

Cog representing configure
Calculator buttons for price
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CPQ Packages 

  • CPQ general setup
  • 10 x Product Bundles
  • 10 x Options Features Constraints Attributes Standard Configuration Setup Standard Pricing Setup
  • Quote Setup
  • Quote Line
  • Items setup
CRM Setup required but not included*
Start Package PLUS:
  • 10 (20 Total) x Product Bundles
  • 10 (20 Total) x Options
  • 1 Quote Template (Conga or CPQ)
  • 20 x Product Bundles
  • 5 Product & Price Rules
  • Guided Selling
  • Discount Group pricing



Pro Package PLUS:
  • +20 Options (40 Total) Product Bundles
  • +20 Options (40 Total) Options
  • 2 Custom objects for Products & Price Rules Block or Price Dimensions
  • +2 (3 Total) Quote Templates (Conga or CPQ) Orders
  • Contract and Amendments


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Configure Price Quote

Salesforce CPQ

Both B2B and B2C businesses are transforming to adopt innovative revenue models, often based on recurring revenue, subscriptions or usage-based approaches.


Are you just beginning your digital product journey or already underway? Our team of experts can guide you to deliver a simple yet effective product configuration strategy. 


Salesforce CPQ is a cost effective add-on for Salesforce CRM and can help:


Create scalable sales processes by empowering Sales advisors to configure, price, and quote multiple product types such as one-time, subscription, or usage-based contracts on one platform.

Build recurring customer relationships by managing the complexities caused by renewals and contract amendments, such as upgrades or swaps making it easier to respond to changes in customer needs.

Make better business decisions by unifying sales and financial data on one platform — unlocking visibility into discounting trends, product performance, and other key sales or financial metrics.