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We provide comprehensive Salesforce development, consulting, administration support and maintenance to meet your business needs.

Managed Services

CRM Implementation is not just a one time activity and ongoing maintenance, support and enhancements are as important as the initial implementation. is one of the crucial investments and effective on-going support goes a long way in ensuring  the continued success of your CRM solution. Considering the budget constraints that businesses have it is important to find the right partner. Be Intelligent offers the entire range of Salesforce support, enhancements and maintenance services.


Our support consultants provide support for administrative and development issues. Our Service Level Agreements ensure the highest quality of ongoing support for our clients. 

What we focus on


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Why us?

Administration & Maintenance
The administration and management of Salesforce requires daily interaction. We will support all aspects of the solution, including user management, security policies, data quality and configuration changes, so you continue to get the most value from the implementation.

Support & Training

The best way to drive user adoption is to ensure your users have access to incredible customer service and support. Be Intelligent combines first-class “How To” support and solutions and knowledge base articles with scheduled training, so you are supported every step of the way.

Data Analysis & Recommendations

One of the most powerful features of Salesforce is the volume of data that resides in the platform. Our team will help you better analyse and present that information with in-depth reports, charts and dashboards. This improved analysis and reporting will enable you to make educated decisions that can have a meaningful impact on your business.

Strategic Support & Advice

Our team work to understand your business and your challenges to ensure that solutions are fully tailored to achieve results.  We offer Strategic Marketing support for all Marketing Cloud projects to help you optimise your advertising spend and efficiency and to help ensure your customers have a seamless experience throughout the customer journey.