Tableau CRM

Effective business processes require a data driven mindset, but data challenges often prevent businesses from answering complex questions. 

With Tableau CRM, you’ll have access to data driven actionable insights that are integrated directly into your business workflows to improve productivity, make decisions faster and increase ROI.

Be insightful

Tableau CRM bridges analytics with your business processes to uncover actionable insights throughout your entire sales and revenue cycle.

Salesforce data can be combined with external data sources to provide deeper insights, and to help forecast and manage sales pipeline and opportunities.

We love data at Be Intelligent. We are one of the few partners in New Zealand with a team of dedicated insights and reporting experts to ensure our clients can truly harness the power of the wealth of data they collect. 

Data with a story to tell

Explore and analyse data anywhere and anytime, desktop and mobile, right within your Salesforce workflow.

Accessible data and insights

Easily enrich Salesforce data with external data for deeper insights to help optimise your processes and manage your leads and sales opportunities.

Aggregate disparate data

Leverage AI-powered analytics and data models native to Salesforce to easily explore and make predictive analysis and insights on your business data.  

Self-service business intelligence

Take immediate action and seamlessly collaborate on insights via Salesforce Chatter and Slack, embed dashboards directly within your Salesforce org, external web pages or third-party apps.

Actionable data

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