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Our customers have big aspirations and complex business challenges. Our team consists of both talented technical expertise and highly skilled end users to deliver exceptional customer results every time. 

About us


Chief Executive Officer

Mikal is one of New Zealand's leading innovators and technology architects.

He has been a leader across multiple startups in both the product and consulting spaces.


Prior to the launch of Be Intelligent, he was CIO of Solarcity New Zealand
where he embarked on a program of digital transformation. In 2015 Mikal was co-founder of CloudinIT, New Zealand's fastest growing Salesforce partner subsequently sold to Deloitte. Mikal's passion for technology is matched by a broad experience across a number of verticals during his 18 year experience including insurance, telecoms, finance, energy and transport.



Chief Marketing Officer

Kirsty is an accomplished executive leader and senior marketer with over 15 years experience and a track record of providing sound strategic vision with outstanding commercial results. 

Passionate and highly driven Kirsty thrives on challenge and has experience across all elements of the marketing function with a strong focus on digital. Her industry experience includes FMCG, Retail and Services and she is competent in both consumer and B2B marketing. A new comer to the Salesforce and Marketing Cloud realm Kirsty will be focusing on strategic marketing support, strategic marketing cloud integration and Datorama project management.


Chief Commercial Officer

Amanda is an experienced sales leader with over 12 years of experience selling across multiple platforms, and a successful track record in coaching and developing high performance sales teams. 

Amanda is passionate about delivering exceptional data-driven solutions for her customers, and has worked across several industries for both internationally-based and New Zealand businesses including Groupon, Mediaworks and SEEK. Her love for numbers and data driven solutions has led her to jump into the Salesforce and Marketing Cloud world focusing on building long lasting partnerships with businesses who are interested in staying ahead.  


Lead Technical Consultant

Pablo has over 15 years of software development experience using different technologies in both consulting and product based companies.


He has designed, implemented and maintained complete management software including payroll, sales and stock, among others.  His journey in the Salesforce industry started about 3 years ago, and he is currently specialising in architectural skill-sets within Salesforce technologies. 


Pablo is meticulous about clean, scaleable and maintainable source code, and there are a few things he enjoys as much as an exciting challenge. 


Marketing Insights &
Automation Consultant

Cara is an accomplished digital analyst and strategist with over 5 years experience both client side at Ngāi Tahu Tourism and agency side at TimeZoneOne and Cabbage Tree Creative.


Passionate about using data creatively to uncover actionable insights to help businesses grow Cara specialises in Audience Studio (formerly Salesforce DMP) and Datorama with a view to supporting businesses to  work smarter and overcome the ever-changing challenges in the technological and digital landscape.


Customer Experience Lead

Martine has over 5 years of experience in the Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud realm gained working with Salesforce Partner organisations including Davanti Consulting and Deloitte Digital.  


Career highlights include creating a custom Community for a FMCG client and designing the User Experience for a completely custom Customer Portal. Martine is passionate about designing and delivering solutions that enhance and optimise the customer experience.  She is also a self confessed beach lover, surfer and qualified lifeguard. 


Functional Consultant

Fraser has been working with Salesforce for almost 2 years and was involved in the role out of Einstein Analytics during his time at Spark.  This involved the creation of meaningful dashboards and data flows.


Fraser is passionate about learning all things Salesforce and stepping into the deep end to learn.  He is also a huge sports fan following everything from the NBA to the Black Caps!


Functional Consultant

Laura has been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for 5 years as a System Admin/Project Manager in the recruitment domain at Potentia Ltd. 

Laura's previous projects include implementing a successful NPS/Customer Experience system to gather actionable insights, and designing and deploying an automated payroll system inside Salesforce to replace a manual and time consuming process.

Laura is passionate about being able to make a difference in people's lives through the adoption of technology and building genuine relationships.  


Senior Marketing Cloud Consultant

Yana is a Marketing Cloud Certified Consultant with 4 years of experience in Marketing Automation using Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud and Pardot.  

Previous projects have seen Yana do a full implementation of Marketing Cloud connected to Salesforce CRM for one of New Zealand's largest financial organisations, managing a total of 7 brands across Salesforce and Marketing Cloud.  Yana is passionate about creativity and what businesses can achieve using digital and marketing automation combined with the right marketing strategy.


Managing Consultant

Brooke has over 8 years of Salesforce experience, having worked for some of New Zealand's most innovative companies, including, Spark (Spark Ventures), The Warehouse Group and Solarcity.  

Brooke has designed and developed CPQ solutions, Salesforce Identity, Field Services, Communities and has a specialist focal area of Service Cloud.  He is passionate about customer centric solutions and always making sure the Salesforce technology serves the end user.


Marketing Automation Lead

Baneen has over 4 years of experience in the marketing automation space and is an expert in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

She has worked with industry-leading SMEs and enterprise businesses  such as Neon, Fonterra and Tall Poppy Real Estate to deliver personalised customer journeys.  With a data driven focus and a passion for customer-focused solutions, Baneen specialises in delivering architecturally sound Marketing Cloud solutions, including DMP and Datorama to drive ROI.


Strategic Managing Consultant

Chris is a passionate advocate for the value of user centric discovery and agile project methodologies. 


His experience across financial services implementations holds him in good stead for compliance or detailed oriented projects and his small business background lets him relate to stakeholders from across all business departments.


With 7 Salesforce certifications he has a broad knowledge across the Salesforce platform and is a stickler for making sure Salesforce description fields are always filled in.


Technical Architect

James is a solutions architect with over 20 years' experience in system development and six years' specific experience in Salesforce. His in-depth knowledge across the Salesforce product suite has been honed through his leadership of numerous projects across a wide range of industries and organisations. 

His prior experience at market-leading organisations has focused on delivering quality cloud-based solutions using Salesforce technologies and integrations. 

An avid collector of Salesforce certifications James currently holding seven certificates, and is as passionate about flow as he is about football. 


Senior Digital Design Lead

Qualified in both Graphic Design and UX Design, Nura has five years' experience across these areas as well as running her own design business. 

Having previously worked across a range of organisations including the New Zealand Retail Property Group and Solarcity, Nura brings a wealth of digital design-lead expertise to our marketing-based solutions with particular flair for visually compelling EDM design. 

When Nura is not busy portraying ideas through beautiful and compelling visuals, she can often be found expressing herself through the art of Brazilian dance. 


Strategic Managing Consultant

Will is an experienced Salesforce Consultant specialising in Sales Cloud, CPQ / Billing and Solution Architecture, and will be driving success for our clients by focusing on user experience, digital transformation and data analysis.

Will’s passion lies in taking clicks out of people’s lives, delivering customer success and spending time with his family.


Quality Assurance Tester

Sze-Meeng is our test consultant specialising in Sales Cloud, but with experience and qualifications across multiple products including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Financial Services Cloud.

Having previously undertaken projects at Davanti Consulting and Lancom Technology, Sze-Meeng has acquired 2 Salesforce certificates thus far and is keen to hone her skills within the test automation environment. She is passionate about delivering quality solutions to our clients and eating good food. 


Office & Culture Administrator

With over ten years' experience, Lauren is well-versed in keeping the essential cogs of a well-oiled business machine turning. 

As well as keeping the whole team on track, on time and on task,  Lauren is also our well-being champion. Her view is that a happy team leads to happy clients, and her previous experience co-launching a wellbeing program at Fleetcor means she knows it takes more than the odd morning tea!

Lauren's passion for a positive office culture, celebrating diversity and general wellbeing ensures we bring our A game everyday, and her wellbeing focus can also be seen outside of work in her love of the outdoors and playing football.